Ministerial Red Despatch Box


Our iconic red Ministerial Despatch Box – You will have seen these exiting No.10 on their way to His Majesty or on the popular television series “The Crown”. We have a long history of making these exclusive boxes for dignitaries in the U.K. and across the World.

The box opens from the opposite side from the handle so the person handing it to the Minister can’t see the contents.

Made to traditional and exacting standards in red goatskin with solid brass fittings, this is an incredibly special item.
We can make this case with a variety of linings and adapt it for a variety of uses.
Gold blocking identifies you, or the lucky person receiving it, as the rightful owner.

We can emboss an official or company logo onto the box by request and with supporting documentation. Please contact us for any questions and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

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