Can you make shoes for customers living outside the UK?
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Yes! The majority of our customers live overseas, in about 80 countries. Once your last is made you can easily order new shoes without coming to London, and we routinely travel to see our clients in the USA, Japan and other countries. If you join our mailing/email list or contact us at bespoke@canons.com we will let you know the nearest location of our next visit. Or you can view our next trip on our ‘Overseas Visits’ page here  

Womens shoes

Do you make shoes for women?
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Yes! We specialise in making made to measure shoes for both men and women. All of our shoes are made using the same handmade processes to the highest standard of quality and fit. Bespoke made-to-measure shoes are supremely comfortable and beneficial to the feet and the body. With this in mind we do not make shoes with high heels or excessively pointy toe shapes.

Bespoke Shoes

What should I do if my shoes need resoling?
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Your bespoke shoes are hand welted therefore taking them to a local cobbler to resole them will likely result in significant damage. Your shoes should always be returned to us by post or in person. We will then put them back on your last and the member of our team who originally made your shoes will resole them in exactly the same way. This will result in your shoes lasting many decades as long as you take care of the upper leather.

Do you make a trial pair and have fittings for my first pair of shoes?
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Yes! We believe it is far too inaccurate to ‘make-through’ on a customers first pair of shoes as there are always small adjustments that can be made to get as close as possible to perfection. We make a trial pair of shoes and check the fit and the pattern in detail. The reason we do this is because there is no way to adjust the pattern of the upper once the shoe is made and most adjustments cannot be performed correctly after a shoe has been completed.

How long will my first pair of shoes take?
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This depends on a lot of factors such as your availability for fittings but the average time your first pair of your bespoke shoes will be around 9 months.

Leather goods

Who makes your leather goods?
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We do. All of our leather goods are individually hand made in-house by our specialist team.

Can you make leather accessories to match my shoes?
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Yes! We often make matching leather goods to go with shoe commissions. For example belts, wallets, bags, document cases and breifcases can all be made in either exactly the same leather as your shoes or in a complimentary alternative such as English bridle leather or exotic skins. It is always best to commission these at the same time as your shoes so that they match perfectly. All of our leather good are individually handmade by our team in our London workshop.


Do you make ready-to-wear shoes?
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No. All of our shoes are individually handmade and hand welted on bespoke lasts.