Your shoes are worth looking after and with proper care will keep their good looks for many years. Aficionados value the patina of age and prefer a shoe that has developed character after years of wear. Our experts’ advice is:


To keep your shoes in shape, insert your custom made trees a few minutes after you take them off and allow them to rest for a day or two. For our bespoke shoes, we supply trees made from your last, so they are the perfect shape. If your shoes are very wet, leave them in a dry place (but not near a heat source) on their side for a few hours before inserting the trees.


If you wear the same pair day after day, they will not get a chance to recover and dry out properly and will deteriorate more quickly, so it’s best to let them rest for a day our two.


Loosen them so that you don’t struggle to get the shoe on or off. A few seconds’ attention can save your shoes unnecessary damage!


This simple tool can save your shoes from irreparable damage and save you time and frustration! The soles can be repaired easily, but damaged uppers are more difficult to rescue. We stock a variety ranging from a 24 inch model that is a boon to those whose feet seem to get further away with age, to a small pocket one that is handy for the gym or the airport. All are made in the UK from genuine horn, not plastic, and make a very acceptable gift.


Shoe polishing can be an engaging ritual with its own pleasures, but even a periodic clean-up and a little polish will keep your shoes supple and extend their lives. If a shoe is very dirty, a damp sponge or soft cloth will remove dirt, and then the shoe can be polished when it’s dry. The toe cap can be brought up to a high shine, but we prefer not to put too much polish to the soft parts of the shoe. Neutral wax polish is best for keeping the shoe looking good most of the time. For restoring the colour, a cream of the correct colour penetrates the leather better than wax. You can create a more “antique” look to your brown or tan shoes by experimenting with alternate black and brown polish for a variegated darker finish.


Don’t leave your bespoke shoe repairs too long. The soles consist of several layers of leather and other material which will be damaged if you break through. It’s much better to send them to us before we are confronted with a rescue operation.
Always bring a bespoke shoe home for repair by your own shoemaker! Your shoes were hand made by individual craftsmen and we strongly advise you to return them to us so that they can be repaired on their own last.